Ubuntu Server Q&A Sessions

As part of the Ubuntu Server team's participation in the Ubuntu Open Summit, we'll be running two Q&A sessions this week aimed at Ubuntu Server users. We want to gather questions from the community both before and during the event, so that users can get direct and authoritative answers from those in the know.

This will be the first Ubuntu Open Summit, combining the previously separate Ubuntu Developer Summit and Ubuntu Open Week events. The event will run online, with live video streaming and participation using Google Hangouts and IRC. See the schedule for details. Sessions will be recorded and the videos will be available afterwards.

I suggest that questions be asked beforehand in any place we can grab them (eg. the mailing list, r/Ubuntu, etc), and then we can best prepare answers for you.

Alternatively, and for more interactivity, there will be an IRC channel that we will monitor during the sessions themselves.

Ubuntu Server Security Q&A

Currently scheduled for: Tuesday (2014-06-10) 19:00 - 19:55 UTC

Also known as "Security team reads mean tweets", Marc Deslauriers and Seth Arnold of the Ubuntu Security Team will be on hand to answer all questions security.

If you want to know how to secure your freshly installed Ubuntu Server, the pros and cons of various individual hardening approaches, how to make sure that your system has received a particular security update, or have any other question related to Ubuntu Server and security, this is your opportunity to find out.

And of course, I presume everyone wants to hear the Ubuntu Security Team read mean tweets!

Ubuntu Server systemd Q&A

Currently scheduled for: Wednesday (2014-06-11) 18:00 - 18:55 UTC

Following a long debate, Debian chose systemd in Februrary as the default init system for its upcoming "jessie" release, and Mark has confirmed that Ubuntu will follow Debian and also switch to systemd by default.

What are the implications of this move for Ubuntu Server users? Will 16.04 switch to systemd, and if so, when? When will Ubuntu Server users need to rewrite all of their custom upstart jobs?

Dimitri John Ledkov, an Ubuntu Core Developer closely involved with the systemd switch, will be online to answer your questions.

Submitting questions

We'll accept questions at any time, including during the event on IRC. Or if you know what you'd like to ask already, please post them to Reddit or to the Ubuntu Server mailing list and we will pick them up and prepare answers for you.

Schedule changes

Please keep an eye on the schedule in case it changes!